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    “Stay ahead of competition”

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    An expert can guide your business development and strategy,
    to fit your needs or realize your dream. We make the right connections

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    “ Communication is the act of conveying information for the purpose of creating a shared understanding.
    It’s something that humans do every day…”

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    “An event with intelligence”

Agency statement

“Envision with us”

We’re a one-stop-shop for all your Public relations needs. From creating and implementing creative PR campaigns to event management and social media management, we do it all and we do it well.

Good public relations are an essential enabler of organizational success. 

PR Professionals provides integrated Public relations and communications, market research and conference services to diverse organizations in industries ranging from consumer goods, automotive, aviation and logistics.


Who we are

PR Professionals is a public relations agency for business-to-business or business to customer communication development. With an integrated approach, PR Professionals helps clients build brand awareness, enhance credibility and drive new business. 

PR Professionals identifies itself as being at the heart as well as the mediator in influencing management, behavior change, creating content, improving, organizational image and reputation. We achieve our goals through thoroughly understanding how people form opinions and thus what is the best way to handle those opinions in terms of public relation strategies. 

At PR professionals, we believe that public relations are the most effective service given when investing in a business.  The strategies proposed are tailor made by experts in PR, Communications, Market research and analysis.  In addition to its agency work, PR Professionals also mentors startups or crisis situations as a partner to your


“An expert can guide your business development and strategy, to fit your needs or realize your dream. 
We make the right connections” –John Riviere

If we stick to the traditional management consulting model, it can be quite costly. PR Professionals is straightforward and cost-effective. We connect you directly to the right clients, suppliers, infrastructures and entities. We have a unique and innovative approach to develop a framework to engage, counsel and advise differently and with transparency so as to make change happen.

Since, organizations and leaders are now priming the unique value of work done through, counseling and teaching; PR Professionals places itself at the heart of your negotiations. We thrive to make mutually beneficial projects happen and open new sources of development through our expertise and network of contacts. Together, we create advisory relationships that yield organic innovation and tangible value.
Complexity and change is inevitable is today’s business environment. Today, your organization needs to be strategic, agile and witty. At PR Professionals, we give you the adequate advisory support to sail through changes and crisis while sustaining growth, employee satisfaction and increase operational effectiveness.

PR Professionals is a leading one stop shop in providing performance and outcome driven advice across inter departmental or independent business structures, taking into account: Performance, Supply Chain and logistics and Human Capital.

We deliver a globally consistent set of multidisciplinary services based a collaborative approach — grounded in deep industry specific experience and committed to delivering measurable, sustainable results — can help you adapt and succeed. Even in uncertain, changing environments. Our industry focus helps ensures our experienced practice leaders develop a rich understanding of clients’ businesses and the insight, skills, and resources required to address industry-specific issues and create opportunities.
Millions of Rupees, Dollars and Euros are spent on international logistics services. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing service sectors in world trade. However, few companies know how much to spend on and where to spend in that sector.

Our advisory system ensures an informed, objective and transparent analysis of a client, based on our market research specialist in order to ensure an adequate prospective plan. We would advise the extent to which a forwarder sub-contracts a client’s freight business; whether a client’s goods are consolidated; which routings, airlines and shipping lines are used; whether the freight rates are competitive in relation to the service levels; and whether the ancillary charges are reasonable.

Logistics & Distribution services:

Global transportation optimization—we hatch operating strategies to help you create global transportation networks with effective modes, services levels, and cost structures.

Logistics strategy execution— at PR Professionals, we make sure to design operating models that align with your organizational design, mission statement and customer demand to ensure an effective management of transportation operations.

Merger and acquisition integration—we help companies identify and realize logistics synergy opportunities like network rationalization and process standardization.

Analytics—we help integrate relevant data and provide important metrics so as to provide an effective repot and marketing material.

Business intelligence —our depth of experience with transportation management systems, information management, and business intelligence allows us to help companies improve their logistics processes.

Strategic partnership —we help you develop and execute partnership strategies to maximize their buying power in the marketplace. We use our expertise to help you improve and re-evaluate the purchasing activities of your company to optimize savings.

Market Research

“Stay ahead of competition”

Market research should not be undervalued. Many successful new businesses enjoy growth and sustainability because of their regular market research so as to understand the target market, identify consumer problems and identify competitors. Market research can be carried out at various stages of a business life cycle, from pre-launch and beyond. Having a greater understanding of your marketplace from the very start will enable you to create a sound business strategy to establish and grow your brand into one that’s better than the competition. Our market research service helps understand and identify several factors influencing the performance of businesses. Identifying need gaps and assessing the competition will provide your company a greater understanding of what card to take out or place into the game for a sure win!

Types of market research

Primary market research

- Monitoring the effectiveness of sales
-  Ascertaining the quality of services provided by competitors
- Understanding the channels of communication used by competitors
- Assess the active competition within the market

Secondary market research

- Published Company reports data
- Existing surveys and studies
- Newspaper archives
- Government data


“ Communication is the act of conveying information for the purpose of creating a shared understanding.
It’s something that humans do every day…”

Our communication department was created because we believe that clients should have access to a full range of communication platforms from one agency, while also receiving an exceptional level of advisory services.

Corporate communication

In today’s global corporate world, communication serves as the centermost of your company as being responsible for the reputation and image.

Corporate communication is an important management function. PR Professionals sets-up corporate strategies and develops messaging platforms for various purposes. Choosing the right channel and correct message will ensure internal and external communication efficiency.

Media Coverage

We have a full agenda of media contacts that enables your brand to get the needed attention in the media. Our longstanding relationships and creative strategies will certainly achieve the best results.

Social media

From Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to creating new platforms or online apps, we cater for more visibility or selling your products and services.  


Corporate Identity Program


Printing & Stationery

Graphic Design


Corporate Gifts

Crisis communications and issues management

“Reputation is forged through crisis”

Crisis has been known to be described as an issue that WASN’T managed. Issues are the warning signs that a crisis is possible. Issue management can be regarded as a powerful tool for crisis prevention. From activist campaigns to industrial accidents, dealing with a good PR agency will ensure that issues remain on the low.

With our network and intense research, we have helped clients anticipate reputational vulnerabilities and provide strategic communications advisory variety of issues and crisis situations in several industries.


Conference organizing & corporate event management

“An event with intelligence”

From launching international conferences to hosting networking sessions for a sector, our events have been listed by the papers several times. Our strength is that we incorporate our PR and communication skills to event management in order to ensure the success of the event while spreading a reputable corporate image.

Our conference services are all inclusive. From designing the invitation, planning the logistics and arranging for the attendance of public figures and following up while doing media tracking. We ensure a complete service.


Port Guide

Port Guide covers a wide range of sectors linked to the harbour area (seafood hub, petroleum, cruise tourism, freeport, customs, logistics and transport) with major emphasis on port facilities and shipping.

airport guide

Covering the exciting infrastructure development projects currently under progress at SSR International Airport, Airport Guide will provide a wealth of information ranging from aviation to terminal operators.

harbour diary

The Harbour Diary is a diary oriented to port operators and has an overview of the port sector and all activities related to it.

Our people

“ People want to know they matter and they want to be treated as people,
so I always treat my team the way I would want them to treat our best customers” – John Rivière

Our people, network and creativity are our most treasured assets. At PR Professionals, we enjoy a work environment that is open, flexible, transparent, collaborative, intellectually and creatively stimulating! As an independent company, we are able to invest in the training of our staff, to help our people become experts in their fields – from training international experiences – our people have developed life-long and life- changing skills leading them to a fulfilling career at PR Professionals.

Lindsay riviere


John riviere

managing director

yvan riviere


Elizabeth PERRINE

Head of Administration and Finance

Our Clients

“Our clients view us as trusted, ethical, transparent and creative partners”


For more than 25 years, PR Professional has been a true extension of our founder Southern Press. Taking seats at strategy tables of clients is for us a philosophy. When, we help them make sense of things, lucidify their thoughts, think differently, and strengthen and implement ideas that impact their organization on a local or international level, we restlessly always put forward the humane touch with the humane wittiness. We are proud of the extension that made its way from our founder’s values and sense of integrity. We thrive to continue using the values bequeathed to us so as to deliver the best integrated advisory, market research , communication and conference service.

And What They Say

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