Is Public Relations the newly upgraded version of Marketing?

The history of mankind is based on a very simple concept: EVOLUTION.
If you don't agree, ponder for a few minutes… How far we have come in different aspects of life since humanity began on planet earth thousands of years ago? Starting with human beings ourselves, glancing back to transportation, technology, finance, migration between continents, science, I could continue forever on how much progress has been made since the big bang.

Evolution in the area of MARKETING has also made giants leaps since its introduction inside different societies around the world. What originally started out as 'barter trade' in early civilizations due to cross border trading (by land) gradually evolved into what we all still know today as sales.  The Vikings, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese and British global empires were masters in their trade in this field sailing (at sea) to all parts of the globe to fill up their coffers in the quest for glory. Thereafter came the first real upgrade (1.0 version) in the middle ages from sales to PROMOTION which rapidly culminated into ADVERTISING right after the first world war and eventually MARKETING after the 2nd world war when nations in view of rebuilding efforts encouraged from the smallest to largest companies to 'market' in an attempt to create a feel good factor in depressed economies ravaged by wars. However, given the complex nature of marketing and the fact that trees need branches to keep the shade away and sustain growth, marketing itself was transformed from a concept to a science. 

But at the door step of the 21st century, the roots of the TREE had outgrown the designated space and the first cracks emerged dangerously. CHANNELS FOR COMMUNICATION had multiplied out of control and traditional media was under threat for the first time in its history. Radios that had revolutionized audiences through sound had become irrelevant, television which had attracted global audiences from all corner of the world through pictures had become part of the landscape and let alone printed newspapers that had simply become obsolete. All faced a TSUNAMI looming at the horizon ready to destroy everything on its path away: THE INTERNET and through this technological revolution PUBLIC RELATIONS took a new dimension. 

Social media and the advancement of technology has reaffirmed that IMAGE is the most important ASSET for companies & individuals in today's world. Those who argue that marketing alone is enough to ensure the success are simply wrong. Wearing blinkers will not keep profits on the balance sheet for long as the upgraded version UPLOADS. Resisting change that is inevitable is a waste of energy and resources. So why PR?

PUBLIC RELATIONS is the locomotive spearheading all other marketing or sales related efforts for that matter of any enterprise, non-profit organization or Government Agency from an institutional point of view. In fact, as human being on this planet PR also impacts you even more so for island nations. Leaders who have marked history good or bad have all used PR to their advantage to achieve greatness. In more recent times, athletes, singers, billionaires, actors or just ordinary citizens including Presidents have turned into public relations machines. Who will forget Obama's electoral slogan : YES WE CAN. Just like Gandhi before him, Obama exemplifies the Influencer. Such as a person has a primary goal : influencing of other individuals, so he just uploaded public relations to do it !

So, PUBLIC RELATIONS whether we like it or not, is no doubt the new MARKETING. It is the normal process of upgrade, the 2.0 version applicable to both organizations and people themselves. So, you need it to WORK, you need it at the level of FAMILY & FRIENDS and you even need it to function inside societies. Put simply bad communications in a couple leads to a divorce, bad customer relationships at the level of companies leads to receivership, and bad reputation for political leaders in countries leads to resignations or downfall in political ambitions. So, PR cuts across all levels of everyday LIFE.

Of the billions of human beings who have walked on our planet in the last thousand years, proportionally few have left traces beyond their immediate circles. Those who are remembered have all used a pinch of PUBLIC RELATIONS. As long as human beings exist there will be EVOLUTION. As long as EVOLUTION is continuous, there will be PUBLIC RELATIONS. So, the question is, are you evolving? 

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